Press Release 10 Nov – Sugar Industry Closure “unnecessary”

30th November, 2010

Cllr Pat Deering of Carlow reacted angrily this evening to the findings of the EU Court of Auditors that the Closure of the Irish Sugar Industry may have been “unnecessary” and that the EU were using information that was out of date in the reforms enacted.

Deering commented ” this report by the EU court of Auditors raised major questions about the role of the Irish Government in the running down and ultimate closure of the Irish Sugar Industry – it is clear from the Auditors report that the Sugar plant in Mallow was profitable and efficient –

Deering added – it is my belief that the Sugar plant in Carlow would have been in the same category if the government had not allowed Greencore to run down the plant and starve it of investment over successive years on the pretence that our sugar industry was inefficient -a decision that has now been thrown completely into question by the Court of Auditors dismissal of the information used to justify the decision to close the Carlow Sugar factor which cost Carlow a landmark of great symbolism aswell as an industry that generated hundreds of jobs and livelihoods in both Carlow and neighbouring counties.

Deering concluded ” it is quite clear that the crazy decision to close the Irish Sugar industry is just another example of the sheer incompetence,ignorance shortsightness and laziness of the Fianna Fail led governments over the last 13 years. According to Greencore at the time of the closure of the Carlow Sugar Factory – it would have taken an investment of 28 million to completely modernise the plant – contrast this with the billions wasted in property, FAS etc etc over the same period. Fianna Fail justified the decision to close Carlow by saying that our sugar industry was inefficient and could not compete on the world stage – total nonsense – as was pointed out at the time by the IFA and Fine Gael  – its is galling to think that World  Sugar prices have tripled since 2006 and now stand at a 30 year high and all indications are that there will a sugar shortage in the medium term future – yet all that remains of the Irish Sugar industry are deserted and rusting sites in a country with rocketing unemployment and a serious balance of trade deficit” – ” a massive own goal that will take years and money we do not have to rectify – once more Fianna Fail fail to fight for the long term interests of the Irish people and sold us out for the quick buck – just another entry in the litany of disastrous decisions made by Ms Coughlan and Fianna Fail”

Cllr Pat Deering  10 November 2010