Press release 20 Jan 2011 – Welcome to G.U.B.U Land

4th February, 2011

Welcome to G.U.B.U Land- the beginning of the end and the arrival of hope.

Commenting tonight on the events of the day which culminated in An Taoiseach Brian Cowen setting the 11th of March as the date for the General Election, Cllr Pat Deering said “ The late Charles Haughey famously coined the phrase G.U.B.U – Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizzare, Unprecedented – this does not even come close to describing the carry-on of and in our government, and more particularly, by the Taoiseach during the last 24 hrs – during which the office of An Taoiseach has been seriously demeaned and dragged into the gutter, The Dail and its members treated with utter contempt in front of a stunned and disgusted electorate and in full view of the worlds media”

Deering continued “ It should now be clear from today that more than ever, we need a new government that will restore standards in public life, comprehensively reform our political system from top to bottom and begin the hard job of restoring the links and bonds between the governors and the governed in our country – something which has been shattered by the events, of not just the last week, but the last 3 years” – “ we also need a strong and stable government that will put the public good above personal ambition – one that will lead by example and that will restore our good name with our friends in Europe and further afield as we try to put the disasters of the last 3 years behind us and attempt a fresh start”.

Deering gave credit to the Green party credit for finally, finally, finally, listening to rest of us in the country and standing up to Fianna Fail and calling a halt to the grotesque fiasco that the current government has become –“ While the Green Party finally did the honourable thing in calling time on Fianna Fail for one blatant political stroke too many – it’s a pity that it has taken so long – after so many bad decisions, unbelievable procrastination and dithering , especially when it came to dealing with our banking sector and the poorly negotiated financial assistance from the IMF and the EU.”

Deering concluded “ March 11 has been set as the date of General Election – and the people of Ireland will have their opportunity to have their say on the sorry performance of the last government and who they wish to take up the reins and what direction we will go in. This forthcoming election is probably the most important in this country’s recent history – we are at serious crossroads in the most serious of states – Fine Gael will put its vision before the electorate in the forthcoming weeks – it’s one of modesty, frugality and high standards for public representatives – it’s one of reform for our political system – everything will be on the table and up for debate, its one of getting our people back to work and out of the economic crisis we are in now – but most importantly – it will be one of hope – that if we take the right and tough decisions, and that we all equally share in the burden and sacrifice – then we may see prosperity and better times return to our shores for our children and their grandchildren – I intend being part of that process and that Carlow will have its input and share in this vision”