Extra funds will help to retrain redundant construction workers – Deering

7th October, 2011

Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, has welcomed the news that the European Commission has approved funding worth €55 million for the retraining of redundant construction workers. The money is being made available under the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, and must still be approved by the European Council and the European Parliament.

“This is very positive news for thousands of construction workers who were made redundant during the height of the economic crisis. The ECF will help to co-finance a range of retraining measures to help up to 9,000 people from the building trade who lost their jobs between July 1st 2009 and March 31st 2010.

“Like areas right across the country Carlow has been severely affected by the unemployment crisis, which was accelerated by the collapse in the construction sector. Hundreds of former construction workers across Carlow are struggling to find work and many of them need to adapt their skills to ensure they can find sustainable employment for the long-term.

“At least €22 million under this programme has already been invested in training initiatives to date. This additional EGF support will help to provide a range of opportunities from evening training and further education courses to full-time third level education programmes. These measures are firmly aimed at getting people into the workforce.

“An inter-agency group within the Department of Education is focussed on maximising the supports available to redundant workers. I am hopeful that the additional money being made available will be of benefit to many people across Carlow.”