Deering Welcomes Foreign Investor Programme

25th January, 2012


Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering has welcomed todays announcement that the Government has approved the introduction of two major new initiatives for entrepreneurs and investors to come to Ireland to start businesses here and create much needed jobs.

“The Immigrant Investor Programme and the Start-Up Entrepreneur Programme are significant developments, which should encourage international investors and entrepreneurs to come to Ireland to start their business here. I believe these two programmes will bring good business ideas together with the money to get them started into Ireland.

“The Immigrant Investor Programme will enable people willing to invest between €400,000 and €2 million to live here with their immediate family probably for a period of two to five years.This will allow them to start and progress their business. The Start-Up Entrepreneur Programme will encourage migrants with a good business idea and funding of €70,000 to set up here. This figure was previously €300,000 and I feel this was too high and meant we lost out on some good ideas. Both of these programmes send out the clear message that Ireland is open for business”.

“Applicants will be assessed by the IDA and a number of Government departments to ensure that only genuine people with worthwhile ideas will be successful. This is not just about buying visas, its about bringing serious entrepreneurs to Ireland who have the idea and the money to invest in our economy and create long term jobs.”