Deering satisfied with outcome of CES debate.

9th February, 2012

Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, has expressed satrisfaction at the outcome of the Community Employment Scheme (CES) debate in the Dail this week.

“There has been much debate on this issue since changes were announced in last Decembers budget. This is something I have a particular interest in, not only because of the enormous benefit these schemes are to the employees in terms of training, upskilling and sence of acheivement, they are also crucial to the many Sporting and Caring orgaisations they assist. There are 19 schemes in County Carlow employing 326 people. can you imagine the loss these would be to every community in the County as well as to the 326 employees. Delta Centre, Carlow Regional Youth Services, Day Care Centres, numerous Sports clubs and organisations and many more benefit from these schemes.

“Every scheme in the Country is currently been reviewed to establish their viability. There is a considerable amount of variation across CE schemes in relation to the amount of training provided, materials required, overhead costs and the potential for sponsoring organisations to meet certain costs. Schemes will no longer receive a standard grant per participant but will be provided with a specific level of support to meet specific costs. This grant can be up to €1,000 per participant, but this will have to be justified by the sponsor and will be subject to a transparent demonstration that this level of funding is required.

” I have worked on this since the changes were announced on budget day and I’m glad that Minister Burton in recognising the importance of such schemes has given these committments. She has assured me that no viable scheme will be closed down due to lack of funding.