Deering Allays Septic Tank Fears.

16th March, 2012

Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, speaking at a recent meeting in Kildavin set about allaying public fears over the upcoming septic tank registration and charges.

A national risk based inspection plan is to be prepared by the EPA, but it is expected that less than 10% of all septic tanks will be inspected and these will mostly be in high risk areas where pollution would be more likely and with more serious consequences. The most up to date figures available show approximately 420,000 septic tanks in the Republic. The Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government has recently reduced the registration charge to €5 per septic tank.

Addressing the reformed Kildavin Fine Gael Branch Deputy Deering said “it’s important that we maintain our current water standards, our children wont thank us if we pollute the very water we drink. There has been a lot of scare mongering about this, the reality is we have to ensure legally and morally that we will not destroy this very valuable natural resource. Cavan County Council have been inspecting tanks since 2004 and their failure rate currently stands at 10%.This is not going to be a major problem, but if a septic tank is not functioning properly it’s in all our interest to get it sorted.”

Officers elected at the well attended meeting : President ; Andy Redmond, Chairman : Willie Wilson, Vice Chair : Liam Nolan, Secretary : Michael Murphy, Joint Treasurers : John Kidd and Trevor Deacon. Councillors John Murphy and Tommy Kinsella and County Organiser Mary Hosey were also in attendance.