Endorsement by greyhound industry shows that rural Ireland is getting behind Stability Treaty – Deering

10th May, 2012

Fine Gael TD for Carlow/Kilkenny, Pat Deering, has welcomed the endorsement by the Irish greyhound industry for a Yes vote in Stability Treaty referendum. Deputy Deering was speaking after Bord na gCon called on people in the greyhound industry to vote Yes on 31st May. Bord na gCon’s endorsement comes after key figures in the horse racing and breeding sector backed a Yes vote in the Stability Treaty.

“The board of Board na gCon said that they decided to recommend a Yes vote to the greyhound industry on the basis that a Yes vote will assist the Government in maintaining and sustaining consumer and investor confidence in the economy. In saying this they are cognisant that a
stable economy is vital to the Greyhound industry which is dependent upon discretionary consumer spending.

“The greyhound industry is joined by the horse racing and breeding industry in calling for a Yes vote. The Yes campaign has also been
endorsed a range of groups involved in a variety of sectors across the agri-food sector and the wider economy, including the Irish Farmers Association, the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association, the Irish Hotels Federation, IBEC, the Small Firms Association and a range of multinational companies operating here. This reflects the clear recognition that a Yes vote on the Stability Treaty is a Yes to investment, stability and recovery.

“There are numerous positive reasons to vote in favour of the Stability Treaty. Firstly, it will give Irish and global companies the confidence they need to invest here and to create jobs. The Treaty will also ensure governments stick to sensible budget rules, to avoid the reckless mistakes of the past from being made again.

“And crucially, voting Yes ensures we will have access to the ESM, Europe’s new bailout fund, should we ever need it. Despite what Sinn Féin and others may claim, this is set out in black and white in the Treaty document; if we reject the Treaty, we will be cut off from these funds.

“We need to borrow about €19 billion to run the country in 2014, after our current funding runs out. Those opposing the Treaty cannot explain where we would get this money from if we block ourselves off from the ESM.

“I am delighted that the greyhound industry has joined the raft of other national organisations in calling for a Yes vote on 31st May.”