Minister Coveney responds to Declan Ganley calling for No

14th May, 2012

Declan Ganley has said it would be irrational to vote ‘Yes’ to what he said would be bank debt
that we have no moral responsibility for and he said there would be no economic recovery without such a deal.

Ganley said he had to wait to allow European partners to respond to calls for a deal on bank debt. In the absence of a deal, he said he
is now advocating a ‘No’ vote. He said Libertas no longer existed as a political party and was now a think tank, but it would have a “limited poster campaign”.

Minister Coveney dismissed Mr Ganley’s suggestion that a ‘No’ vote would help Ireland get a better deal on bank debt. He said that rejecting the treaty would have the opposite effect and would damage Ireland’s capacity to secure better terms on bank debt.