Sinn Féin are deliberately misleading people on access to ESM – Coveney

22nd May, 2012

 The No campaign needs to come clean on what has already been clarified by the Referendum Commission

Fine Gael Director of Elections for the Stability Treaty Campaign, Simon Coveney TD, has today (Tuesday) called on Sinn Féin to stop misleading people and be honest with voters about Ireland’s ability to access emergency funding after 2013.

“The Referendum Commission has clearly stated that the granting of financial assistance from the Emergency Stability Fund (ESM) will be conditional on the ratification of the Stability Treaty. Yet despite the clear, unequivocal clarification on this issue by the independent Commission, Sinn Féin continues to deliberately mislead people.

“I am calling on Sinn Féin now to clarify their misrepresentation of this issue and to respect the independence and competence of the Commission and their clarification on accessing the ESM fund should Ireland reject the Treaty.

“Ireland is making a very serious decision on May 31st; possibly the most important decision until the next general election, and people deserve to know the truth on the vital issue of future access to a stability fund. Instead, the Irish people are getting a deliberate misrepresentation from Sinn Féin because they cannot answer the question as to where funding will come from if people follow their advice and vote No.

“What Ireland needs now is stability, not half-truths being thrown out there without any thought to the consequences. A Yes vote to this Treaty will ensure certainty as regards our access to an emergency stability fund, should we need it. This is the kind of certainty that Ireland needs now to maintain confidence and future investment.”