Coveney welcomes clarification that Stability Treaty will not change

24th May, 2012

Fine Gael’s Director of Elections for the Stability Treaty Campaign, Minister Simon Coveney, has today (Thursday) welcomed the clarification at the EU summit in Brussels that there will be no changes made to the text of the Stability Treaty.

“The clarification at the EU leaders’ summit that there will be no changes to the text of the Treaty categorically removes any doubt surrounding the Treaty.

“It’s time for No campaigners to accept the facts as they are, so that voters will not be confused by misleading information in the run up to polling

“It’s important for voters to know that two of the key arguments of the no campaign no longer have any credibility whatsoever; in relation to access to ESM funding and now on the text of the Treaty.

“In the final run up to polling day, voters need to know the truth about the consequences of voting no. It is simply an accepted fact that this Treaty will not change following the vote next week and that Ireland cannot access the ESM unless we vote Yes.”