Flanagan calls on Sinn Féin to remove deceptive Euro 2012 posters

28th May, 2012

Fine Gael Party Chairman and Laois/Offaly TD, Charlie Flanagan, has today (Saturday) called on Sinn Féin to remove what he has described as deeply deceptive Euro 2012 posters calling on voters to reject the Stability Treaty.

“I was alarmed when I spotted these entirely misleading posters over the last day or so. They feature a picture of what is clearly supposed to be the Irish soccer team, with a Euro 2012 banner, calling on voters to support Ireland and reject the Treaty.

“Sinn Féin is grossly misrepresenting the facts here. They are clearly trying to link support for our national football team, and a rejection of the Treaty. This is a very low tactic.

“I don’t know how Sinn Féin can claim that supporting Ireland in the upcoming European Champions has anything to do with the Treaty. Furthermore, it is deeply offensive that they would imply a rejection of the Treaty can be linked to our national football team.

“I wonder how our soccer players feel about this association? Did Sinn Féin bother to ask? A host of stars from across the world of sport, including former Irish international Niall Quinn, joined the Taoiseach to advocate a Yes vote to the Stability Treaty this week. Sinn Féin should not be trying to make assumptions about our national team in such an underhanded way.

“These posters are a gross misrepresentation of the facts, and extremely deceptive. I am calling on Sinn Féin to remove them all immediately.”