Pat Deering T.D. thanks everyone across the CONSTITUENCY who voted Yes to the Stability Treaty

1st June, 2012

Fine Gael TD Pat Deering, has thanked everyone
across the CONSTITUENCY who voted Yes in the Stability Treaty

“Today’s result is a very positive step for Ireland as we focus on
keeping our economy on a sustainable track to recovery. I am glad the public
responded positively to a hard fought campaign over the last five weeks.

“By giving a strong endorsement to the Stability Treaty, we have put a
crucial part of the jigsaw in place as we rebuild a working Ireland. Today’s
result will help bring about the certainty needed for recovery and growth.

“The Yes vote is a very positive move for Ireland on a number of fronts.
We are sending out a strong message to international investors that Ireland is
a great place in which to invest and create jobs. There have been thousands of
jobs created by foreign companies here since the beginning of the year. I
believe today’s result will help us maintain this stream of investment.

“Today’s positive result also ensures we have access to Europe’s new
emergency fund, the ESM, should we need it. This gives us security about how we
will fund ourselves as a country, and how we will pay our doctors, teachers and
nurses in the years ahead.

“Finally, today’s result will also ensure that future governments – no
matter who is in power – will adhere to sensible budget rules. I strongly
believe this is in our best interests as a country. As we gradually reduce our
debt levels over the next two decades, we will have more money to spend on
public services, like schools and hospitals.

“The results of today’s Referendum clearly show that the public were not
taken in by the misleading campaign run by Sinn Féin and others over the last
few weeks. The Treaty was not only strongly endorsed in the home constituencies
of the Taoiseach, Simon Coveney and Lucinda Creighton – who were at the
forefront of the Yes campaign – it was also supported in areas where No voices
were prevalent, including the constituencies of Mary Lou McDonald, Gerry Adams
and Declan Ganley.”

“We haven’t solved all of our problems by voting Yes today – there is a
lot of hard work ahead – but we have taken a very positive step forward as we
rebuild a working Ireland.”