People of East Carlow Ignored again – Deering.

21st June, 2012

When the Constituency Commission announced the findings of it’s Constituency Boundary Review the People of East Carlow are destined to remain in the Wicklow / East Carlow constituency for the foreseeable future. Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering has expressed his disappointment that this part of Carlow has not been reunited with Carlow / Kilkenny.

“It makes no sense that such a small part of a small County is left out on a limb. The population of Carlow is just under 55,000 and yet 5,000 of them have to be represented by Wicklow public representatives. I’m sure my colleague Billy Timmins their nearest TD works hard for the people of East Carlow but the message was loud and clear last Christmas when I asked the people to sign the petition to get them back into Carlow / Kilkenny, it was very strong that’s what the people wanted. Carlow / Kilkenny has become a very close link. We have Carlow / Kilkenny HSE, Carlow / Kilkenny VEC, Carlow / Kilkenny Garda Division, we have Carlow and Kilkenny local authorities but yet when it comes to political representatives at national level 5,000 out of a combined population of 150,000 are excluded. I feel for the 5,000 or so that live in East Carlow, everything else they do in their lives they are either aligned to Carlow or Carlow / Kilkenny but for national elections it is almost as they are been asked to be Wicklow people”

“It’s over now and we have to get on with it until the next review, I’m just disappointed for my neighbours and friends who yearn to vote with the rest of their county.”