Better Energy Support Schemes.

2nd July, 2012

I wish to draw your attention once again to the Better Energy support schemes which are in place for householders wishing to undertake energy efficiency retrofits in their homes (open to privately owned homes subject to relevant terms and conditions). To date, SEAI has supported energy efficiency upgrades in over 200,000 homes with Government funding.

The Better Energy Homes scheme is available to all homeowners whose home was built prior to 2006. Grants are available for installation of the following: roof insulation, wall insulation (including cavity, internal dry lining or external), boiler with heating control upgrade and solar panels.

 What better time to consider energy upgrades than during the milder summer months. Applications can be made very simply online at or by calling 1850 927 000. It is important to be aware that a grant offer MUST be in place prior to any work being undertaken under this scheme, all work must be carried out by a BEH registered contractor and be completed (including publishing a Building Energy Rating post works) and all payment documentation submitted WITHIN the six month grant validity period. An information leaflet on the scheme is available to download here.

 The Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme is available to eligible low-income householders, owning and living in a home built before 2002. Under this scheme the following works are undertaken at no cost to the homeowner: attic insulation, draught proofing, lagging jackets, energy efficient lighting, cavity wall insulation and energy advice.

 In line with commitments made in the Energy Affordability Strategy published last November, the eligibility criteria for the scheme have been revised and now include two additional categories of household eligibility – those in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance for more than six months with children under 7 years of age and those in receipt of Family Income Supplement. This is in addition to the original eligibility criterion which is to be in receipt of a fuel allowance under the National Fuel Scheme. Once registered and eligible for the scheme, in circumstances where funds are restricted, those in extreme and severe fuel poverty will be prioritised for delivery. To register for the scheme or to get further details simply call 1800 250 204. An information leaflet on the scheme is available to download here.

 The mild winter this year has had some impact on demand for both Better Energy Homes and Better Energy Warmer Homes. As a result the Minister has recently approved a reallocation within the Better Energy budget which sees additional funds available for energy efficiency upgrades through the Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme.