Groups from all sections of society endorse a Yes vote in the Children’s Referendum – Deering.

5th November, 2012


Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, has today (Monday) said that groups and organisations from across all sections of society have come out in favour of a Yes vote in the Children’s Referendum. Deputy Deering added that it is now important that this support is turned into action on Saturday, November 10th.

“Almost every day, another group is coming out in support of this Referendum. All of the parties in the Dáil and the Seanad are calling for a Yes vote. All of the major groups working with children, including Barnardos, the ISPCC and the Children’s Rights Alliance, are campaigning for a Yes vote. And many other groups have joined their ranks in the last few weeks.

“Those in support of the Referendum include groups working with women, young people, parents, abuse victims, the farming community and unions. The St Vincent de Paul, which works with the most vulnerable families and children in our society, has endorsed a Yes vote. The Irish Countrywomen’s Association has taken the unprecedented step of calling on its supporters to vote Yes. It’s the first time in the organisation’s 102 year history that it has endorsed a particular side in a referendum.

“The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has also called on its more than 830,000 members to vote Yes. ICTU said it took the decision because it believes the Referendum will help to foster a culture that actively protects and safeguards children. Other groups have also recognised this fact by endorsing a Yes vote, including the National Youth Council of Ireland, Macra na Feirme and the National Parents’ Council.

“It is most telling that all of the groups working with vulnerable children are calling for a Yes vote. Opponents of the Referendum, those who either don’t want, or say it isn’t necessary, to strengthen children’s rights, claim that voting Yes will give the State too much power. But do you really think that groups like Barnardos and the ISPCC would support something that would give the State too much power over the children and families they are trying to protect?

“I am delighted that so many groups have recognised the merits and importance of this Referendum. I am now calling on everyone across Carlow to turn this support into a resounding Yes vote on Saturday, November 10th.”