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14th December, 2012


 Fine Gael Carlow/Kilkenny TD, Pat Deering, has described Fianna Fáil’s u-turn on the property tax as an example of naked populism. Fianna Fáil claims that now is not the time to introduce a property tax, while endorsing the flat rate household charge which is inequitable and takes no account of ability to pay.

 “The reason this Government is introducing a property tax is as a result of the spectacular mismanagement of the economy by successive Fianna Fáil led administrations. The previous administration signed up to a property tax in the bailout agreement with the Troika in 2010, at a time when property prices were falling by 20% a year. Fianna Fáil committed to raising €530 million in property taxes by 2014, but, incredibly are now opposing this measure for political gain.

 “Fianna Fáil allowed the country to become too reliant on taxes from one section of the economy with disastrous consequences for the tax base when the construction industry collapsed. We need to widen the tax base to ensure a sustainable revenue stream in the future and the introduction of a property tax will help achieve this. The property tax will help fund vital local services and amenities like roads, libraries, swimming pools and the maintenance of parks.

 “I believe that Irish people will see this as a blatant stunt by Fianna Fáil who lack any credibility when it comes to the economy. The Live Register has stabilised with 20,000 jobs created in the private sector since this Government came to office and Irish bond rates have been halved, allowing for a return to the financial markets in 2013.

 “I fully appreciate that introducing a property tax is not going to be popular but it is necessary  to deal with the structural deficit and return our country to economic sovereignty. Unlike Fianna Fáil’s proposal, I am confident that it will be fair and equitable as possible.”