12.02.2013. At this time of year there is usually a lot of debate about TD’s expenses etc. Here (in round figures) is how I spend my allocations. I receive €25k to run my office : Rent of Carlow & Bagenalstown offices €12.5k; Phone, Gas & Electricity €6k; Leaflet Distribution €4k; Advertising clinic details, website maintenabce etc. €3k. There is almost €4k other day to day expenses over and above the €25k. I also receive €30k in allowances : Cost of running my car €17k (incl almost €11k on diesel); €4k shortfall on office expenses; Hotels – one night every week, two nights somme weeks, say 50 nights per anum @ €100 = €5k; the balance €4k (€80pw) is spent on meals and other sundry and incidental expenses. Both amounts are fully spent on running my constituency offices and travel & accomodation necessary to be of service to my constituents as effectively as possible.

12th February, 2013