Information Note re Minor Works grant and Summer Works Scheme.

8th November, 2013


Details are attached of the planned announcement on Thursday, 7th November by the Minister for the allocation of €68 million, within the multi-annual capital envelope, for the payment of a Minor Works grant for the current school year 2013/14 and the introduction of a Summer Works Scheme for school improvement works in 2014.


Minor Works Grant

Over €28 million is being made available to provide a once-off minor works grant to primary schools. This grant will be paid to primary schools in the coming weeks and will enable schools to undertake small scale repair works without the need to interact with the Department.


Summer Works Scheme

€40 million is being allocated for the purposes of a Summer Works Scheme for schools in 2014. The scheme will be open to primary and post primary schools in the Free-Education scheme, which have permanent recognition and are in non-rented accommodation.


This funding will allow schools to carry out small and medium scale building works such as gas, electrical and mechanical works, roof and window upgrades and structural improvements. These are works that can be carried out during the summer months or at other times that avoid disrupting the operation of schools.


This scheme will not only improve the learning environment for thousands of students, but the projects will also stimulate economic activity by supporting 2,400 direct and 480 indirect construction jobs in the local economy.


As it was not possible to proceed with a scheme in 2012 or 2013, it is likely that there will be a huge application level from schools. In view of the constraints on the capital funding for the scheme, applications will be assessed on a top down basis in accordance with the prioritisation criteria outlined in the scheme. In the event that it is not possible to progress all approved projects under SWS 2014, schools whose applications are unsuccessful, due to funding constraints, are advised that their applications will be retained for consideration under future rounds of the Scheme.


To maximise expenditures in 2014, we anticipate schools being advised of the outcome in February/March/ 2014.


To streamline the application process, the Esinet platform that schools currently use to make payroll returns has been extended to facilitate an online SWS application Scheme. This development will permit schools to submit applications on line via the Esinet portal. The introduction of this on-line application system will bring significant enhancements to the application process generally and remove the need for paper-based applications.


Full details on the Summer Works Scheme will be made available at


A Freephone service will be put in place to assist schools with any queries on the Scheme including completion of the application form.  This service will be available daily between the hours of 10am to 1pm and 2 pm to 4.30pm from 7th November to 10th December 2013. The Freephone number is 1800 200 955.