DEERING Welcomes Varadkar’s commitment to allow exemption on height restriction for transporting hay & straw.

18th February, 2014


Carlow Fine Gael TD., Pat Deering, has welcomed MInister Leo Varadkars announcement today that he he is allow for a very narrow exemption for the haulage of agricultural fodder, i.e. straw and hay only, from the height limits brought in by the 2008 regulations. “Statutory Instrument 366 of 2008 sets the maximum vehicle height limit at 4.65 metres and was signed into law by then Minister Noel Dempsey of the previous Government.

These regulations allowed a five year derogation from that limit for vehicles registered, licensed or in use prior to 1 November 2008. The derogation was introduced to allow a 5-year period within which vehicles operating at heights in excess of the new limits could be withdrawn from use or to allow the necessary height reductions by operators. This derogation expired on the 31st October last.

“As the expiry of the derogation drew near, specific concerns were raised by me and other TD’s on behalf of the agri-sector in relation to the effect that the 4.65 metre maximum vehicle height restriction would have on the cost of transporting fodder.

“I think this is a common sense approach by a common sense minister who could see the point we were making and the cost implication this would have on haulage of fodder, an otherwise light weight load which would have driven the cost of already expensive fodder even higher