Sinn Féin hypocrisy on the future of the Carlow sugar factory site exposed – Deering

7th May, 2015

“Sinn Féin is talking out of both sides of its mouth about the future of a sugar beet processing in Carlow,” according to Fine Gael TD for Carlow-Kilkenny, Pat Deering.

“Sinn Féin has in the recent past been very vocally supportive a sugar beet factory for ethanol production. But on the other hand Sinn Féin’s political group in the European Parliament voted last February put a strict cap on the amount of crop-based bio-fuels that count towards the EU’s 10% renewable energy targets. So, essentially the party in the European Parliament votes against policies it is supporting at home.

“The cap that Sinn Féin has voted for would limit the amount of sugar that can be used for biofuel production. The plans would have serious implications for both the sugar market and ethanol industry.

“Yesterday Sinn Féin MEPs have once again shown their lack of support for the sugar industry by voting against a compromise proposal in the European Parliament which is much more favourable to the future of the sugar and ethanol industry in Ireland. The compromise agreement puts in place a more favourable cap on crop-based biofuels and recognises the importance of ethanol as a biofuel into the future.”

“The closure of Carlow Sugar Factory in 2006 had devastating consequences for employees, local growers and the Carlow economy. The blow was particularly significant given the widespread belief that the Irish sugar industry was still viable and the factory’s closure simply shouldn’t have happened.”