FG sets out plan to Invest in Better Services

8th February, 2016

Taoiseach and Fine Gael Leader, Enda Kenny TD today (Monday) along with Ministers Varadkar and Fitzgerald set out the Party’s plan to invest in better services. Fine Gael’s Long Term Economic Plan will combine smart public service investment with reform to ensure new and better services. By keeping the recovery going, Fine Gael’s plan will allow 10,183 extra frontline staff by 2021:

  • 3,224 teachers
  • 2,800 nurses
  • 1,800 Gardaí
  • 1,000 other health and social care professionals
  • 600 HSE consultants, doctors and dentists
  • 500 Social workers
  • 259 Speech and language therapists and NEPS psychologists


Speaking at an event at Fine Gael Media HQ today, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said:

“Only a strong economy that supports people at work can pay for the services needed for the type of just society we want. Our Long Term Economic Plan will keep the recovery going and create the resources to fund more than 10,000 extra doctors, nurses, teachers and Gardaí. These additional frontline staff will improve people’s lives and protect the most vulnerable.

“Our approach will combine smart investment in public services with reform so we can provide better services and produce better outcomes. This will mean more care in the community from nurses, doctors and therapists, and more Gardaí on the beat as we free up 300 Gardaí from desk work, as well as 600 new Garda recruits a year.

“We will focus on prevention and early intervention to improve life outcomes for everyone – for our children and their futures, for our older people and their quality of life.

“Our public services are still recovering from the impacts of Fianna Fáil’s disastrous economic policies, which led to the recruitment moratorium and hit the most vulnerable. Fianna Fáil closed more than 1,245 hospital beds, closed Templemore Garda Training College and gave nurses graduates no option but to emigrate. Fine Gael has prioritised an end to the moratorium, we have re-opened the Garda college and hospital beds and we have rolled out free GP care to the under 6s and over 70s.

“Sustainability of services is essential for the people who rely on them. Fine Gael will keep spending increases 1% below the long term growth rate of the economy to ensure there is no boom and bust approach to investing in public services.

“It is only with a strong economy that we can provide these services, which is why the Fine Gael Long Term Economic Plan to keep the recovery going is so essential.”