Rebuilding Ireland – Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness to make housing available for all in Carlow who seek a home – DEERING

19th July, 2016


Fine Gael TD for Carlow, Pat Deering said that the Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness, launched today, aims to make housing available for everyone in Carlow, who is seeking a home.

Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, Simon Coveney today published ‘Rebuilding Ireland – an Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness’, following Government approval of this comprehensive and ambitious plan at today’s Cabinet meeting.

Deputy Deering stated:

“This Plan provides a multi-stranded, action-oriented approach to achieving many of the Government’s key housing objectives, as set down in the Programme for Government. It aims to:

  • Significantly increase the supply of social housing in Carlow, with 47,000 units delivered nationally by 2021 and an investment of €5.35 billion
  • Ensure more homes are built in Carlow and to double the output of overall housing from the current levels, to at least 25,000 per annum by 2020
  • To tackle homelessness in Carlow in a comprehensive manner

“While the immediate priority is housing homeless families, all aspects of the housing system in Carlow are addressed within the Plan. This means that young people in Carlow looking to rent or buy, Carlow families looking to trade up or down, students who need good accommodation, older people, people with a disability and others are all encompassed within the Plan and its 84 time-bound actions.

“The Plan addresses all aspects of the housing system in Carlow, under five Pillars:

  • Address Homelessness
  • Accelerate Social Housing
  • Build More Homes
  • Improve the Rental sector
  • Utilise Existing Housing

Deputy Deering concluded with “This Action Plan underpins Fine Gael’s commitment to end the housing shortage in Carlow and to tackle homelessness. Fine Gael is committed to a range of measures to reverse the chronic undersupply of new homes, which is making new home purchase and rents in Carlow increasingly unaffordable and driving more people into homelessness. I am committed to ensuring that as a result of this plan everyone in Carlow will have access to quality and affordable housing. Today’s launch is just our starting point. We must now move from words to actions. The actions, funding and structures are now in place to ensure we make early and very substantial progress on the journey to fixing Carlow’s broken housing sector.”