Affordable childcare for local families in Carlow – DEERING

26th May, 2017

Fine Gael, Carlow, Pat Deering, is pleased to confirm that extra funding for childcare is now available in Carlow.

“From September every child aged between 6-months and 3-years in registered childcare will get some level of support.

“The child can be in full or part-time registered childcare. There will be no minimum number of hours and no maximum number of weeks for eligibility.

“In addition, we are going to lift the cost barrier for those families who need it most.

“These targeted supports will be enhanced significantly with the top rate of subsidy available rising from €95 per week to €145 per week and part-time rates will increase to €80 per week.

“The extra money will be available for those parents who cannot enter work, training or education because they cannot pay for childcare. They will also be available to those who are working but on lower incomes and for whom the cost of childcare acts as a major disincentive.

“I encourage every family in Carlow to examine their entitlements to make sure they get the full benefit of what’s on offer.

“Switching our childcare system from being one of the most expensive in the world to one of the best was never going to be easy. But the countdown for more affordable childcare for Carlow families has now begun.

“Over the next week childcare centres here in Carlow will receive a letter inviting them to be a registered provider offering state subsidised schemes.

“This is going to be followed up by a major awareness campaign aimed at families, launching at the end of the month.

“Local services childcare services will receive additional information regarding the new arrangements which will see families across Ireland benefit by an extra €19m.

“Let me assure Carlow families that this will lead to a sea change in how childcare is provided in Ireland. A major awareness campaign aimed at parents and families will be launched nationwide by the end of the month.”