9 out of every 10 new jobs created in the last 12 months were outside Dublin.

5th February, 2018

The number of people out of work in Carlow has declined by 15.8% in the last year, local Fine Gael TD Pat Deering has said.

Deputy Deering said: “There are 48,100 more people at work since this time last year. Our enterprise-based economy is now creating over 900 jobs a week.

“The Action Plan for Rural Development is committed to ensuring that the economic recovery is felt throughout Ireland and the creation of rural jobs is vital in order to achieve this.

“I am very pleased to see this strong level of job creation delivered for Carlow by Government-backed companies.

“I am delighted to announce that the number of people on the live register in Carlow has now decreased by 712 (15.8%) since January 2017 and 3,071 (45.9%) since the Government launched the Action Plan for Jobs in Febraury 2012. There are now 3,781 people on the live register in Carlow.

“This is great news. Our recovery is being felt right across Ireland. 9 out of every 10 new jobs created in the last year were outside Dublin,” said the Deputy Deering.

“IDA statistics show the strength and resilience of FDI in regional locations. There were 99 regional investments by IDA clients in 2017. Overall, IDA clients based outside of Dublin and the Mid-East account for 52% of total IDA client employment.

“Fine Gael’s priority is to support companies here in Carlow to continue to build on this strong job creation performance.

“The National Planning framework will be unveiled in the coming weeks; this is the first real joined–up plan and investment strategy to transform our country over the decades to come – showing that we have an evidence-based, coordinated plan of what kind of country and society we want and how to get there.

“Our regional Action Plan for Jobs is an excellent example of government agencies like Enterprise Ireland, local authorities, the Local Enterprise Offices and businesses working together to tackle regional issues. These results mark another step in the right direction for our regional plans.

Deputy Deering continued: “Over 19,000 jobs were created across Ireland by companies supported by Enterprise Ireland in 2017.

“Job creation was evenly spread across the country, with every county seeing job increases.
“We are moving towards full employment and we will ensure that all parts of Ireland can share in our prosperity and economic growth, including here in Carlow.”