€57,000 approved to tackle illegal dumping in Carlow – DEERING

27th April, 2018

A further €19,000 has been approved to tackle litter, dog fouling and graffiti.
Some €57,000 in funding has been approved to tackle illegal dumping in Carlow with a further €19,000 pledged to crack down on litter, dog fouling and graffiti, local Fine Gael Deputy said.
Fine Gael TD for Carlow, Pat Deering said “the aim is to reduce illegal dumping and nuisance litter by providing funding for projects tackling the problem”.
“The idea is to develop an integrated and effective combined approach with local authorities, communities and other state agencies.
Deputy Deering said: “Under the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, the Anti-Dumping Initiative funding will empower people across Carlow to take action against those in society who commit criminal acts against their communities by wilfully and irresponsibly dumping their waste and spoiling the most valuable asset we have – our natural environment.
A wide range of clean-up and restorative projects led by community, environmental and sporting groups have been approved for funding here in Carlow. In the following 5 areas, Mount Leinster Area; South Leinster Area; The Nine Stones Viewing Point; Kilbrannish Forest recreation area and Clashganny loop.
The scope of the projects may include: clean-up operations – removing illegal waste from across the county; household bulky waste initiatives – mattress/couch amnesties; awareness campaigns – social media campaigns & radio; preventative measures – installation of signage and fencing; surveillance operations – CCTV, drone and trail surveillance; SMART enforcement equipment and resources for waste enforcement officers.
Separately, an allocation of €19,000 to tackle graffiti, dog fouling and litter in Carlow will also greatly benefit our locality.
“Local authorities use this programme to raise awareness and encourage behavioural change to help tackle graffiti and littering of all types, including gum, cigarette butts and dog fouling.
“Dog fouling is perhaps the most intrusive type of litter and a constant source of annoyance for us all on our streets and in our parks posing many public health risks, particularly for children.
“Each local authority is responsible for selecting the suitable awareness projects that receive funding.
“Littering is environmental sabotage but money alone cannot solve our litter problems. It takes a behavioural change across the board and I am confident the awareness campaigns that will be funded through this scheme at a community level in Carlow will have a real impact.”
“I want to pay tribute to the passion, energy and dedication of hundreds of local community and voluntary groups, schoolchildren and teachers who are taking their civic responsibilities seriously every single day here in Carlow through the many anti-litter initiatives that they drive across our communities for the preservation of our environment.”
Minister for Environment Denis Naughten said: “Since the introduction of the Anti-Dumping Initiative last year, I have provided €3.3 million to local authorities in every county in the country to respond strongly to the challenges that those who choose to dump in our communities poses to the health, well-being and economic development of their own friends and neighbours.
“Our communities are central to the success of the Anti-Dumping Initiative. While they are the victims of this crime they have demonstrated through their active participation with this initiative that they are not prepared to surrender their beaches, mountainside, parks or streets to those amongst us who don’t take responsibility for the waste that they produce.
“It’s hugely important for me to support and assist community effort with significant funding and recognition through the 2018 Anti-Litter and Anti-Graffiti Awareness Grant Scheme.”