199 addition1al social housing solutions provided in Carlow in first half of this year.

28th September, 2018

The Quarter 2 2018 Social Housing Construction Projects Status Report shows that 14 Local Authority (LA) and 10 Approved Housing Body (AHB) houses were built, 34 were acquired by the LA & AHB’s, three were leased, nine RAS and 129 HAP contracts were entered into.
Deputy Deering said: “Good headway is being made across each delivery area but there is still more progress to be made, and it is essential that we meet our ambitious targets for 2018.
“At the end of Q2 2018, some 12,358 additional housing solutions had been provided across all local authorities this year.
“Some 4,602 homes were under construction at end Q2 2018; and some 1,577 homes had been approved and were about to go on site.
“The report shoes we are delivering 16,351 homes – a very substantial increase on the 11,049 homes which were in the programme at the end of the same quarter last year.
“We know we are playing catch up after our housing sector was destroyed.
“While the indicators show that the numbers of new houses being built is up, we are still facing a huge challenge in meeting demand.

“We are committed to building new homes and lots of them. That includes social housing, affordable housing, private housing and cost rental housing on both publicly and privately owned land.”