Public Sector Reform

4th November, 2010

Fine Gael is very clear as to where we stand in respect of the future role of the State. It is a path which embraces change, which sets its ambitions high, which demands high performance, which forges a new social contract appropriate to the challenges domestic and global which we face.

The current economic crisis presents the greatest opportunity of our generation to reform the public service. We can no longer afford to waste money or valuable time with broken bureaucracy that fails to deliver best value for the citizens of the State.

Fine Gael’s Richard Bruton has outlined the new way of thinking that should come to represent the public service. Committed and talented people in our public service are been trapped in a system that has failed them – hollowed out by the spawning of new agencies, undermined by decentralisation, over-run by “soft option” politics, blinkered by a budgetary system not fit for a corner-shop, spoilt by political leadership living in Easy Street.

We must not diverted into a sterile debate about whether we need a bigger or a smaller State. The debate must be about how we create a smart State. The State must regain its dynamic force in the economy, in delivering public services, in shaping social solidarity. We have to ask hard questions about ourselves and our organisations, are they fulfilling the demands of a smart State?

• Being ambitious, enterprising and innovative.
• Being professionally focused on results.
• Being flexible and diverse in provision.
• Being quick to anticipate and agile in response.

Big changes are needed. However, this is an exciting vision for the State about which members of trade unions should have no fears.

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