Press release 18-12-2010 – A New Dawn

4th February, 2011

Commenting this week on MJ Nolans announcement that he will be retiring from politics at the next election – Pat Deering wished MJ all the best in his retirement but that a new era in Carlow and Irish politics was starting:

“the darkest hour is one just before the dawn” –

There can be no question that as a country we find ourselves in an appalling situation – one brought about primarily by both the policies and inaction of the current government and they have shown no ability to deal with the situation and no vision as to where our future lies. While we all can sit around complaining about the situation we find ourselves in – there are those of us who believe we have to deal with situation and give our people a real future to aim for.

I am a passionate Carlow man – I believe as a bad as our current situation is – we have a real opportunity to change the direction we are heading in and give Carlow the future it deserves.

Electing a Fine Gael government at the next election will see real change for the good for Carlow

Real political reform – the real problems we have had in the recent “Big Freeze “ crystalised the woeful and dysfunctional nature of government in this country – Carlow county council was left out in the cold as the National Roads Authority took over control of our salters and gritters and central government ordered what was allowed to be done or not to be done – we need real local government with real powers – and that the decisions that effect Carlow and its people and made in Carlow and for its people – not just an afterthought by central powers in Dublin. Through Fine Gael I intend to deliver on that reform for the benefit of my county.

Fine Gael will form the next government – It will be vital that Carlow has strong representation , not just in the Dail , but in the next government. I will provide that representation and ensure that our local government gets the reform it badly needs , that our business men and young entrepreneurs get all the help that is available to them as they really are our future and that our public and health services are protected as much as possible in the forthcoming difficult interval.

MJ was right when he said Carlow needed Strong Representation in the Future – I am ready,willing and able to assume that mantle and provide Carlow with the direction and say it will require in the future as we battle to restore prosperity, justice and fairness to our country and county.