Press Release 11 Feb 2011 – 5 point Plan

14th February, 2011

Press Release – for Immediate Release

9 February 2011

Deering Launches his Five Point Plan for Carlow

Commenting tonight from his office after another hard day on the campaign trail, Pat Deering stated that the time for quiet is over, Carlow needs a strong voice in the next government.

The next 5 years are going to be crucial for Ireland and for Carlow. Funds are going to be tight as we fight our way out of the financial mess that FF and their well pensioned off Ministers and TDs are leaving behind them. With FF flatlining, Labour Stalling and the Greens disappearing –Fine Gael will be the largest party in the next Dail and will be forming the next government- for this reason it is essential that Carlow elects a Fine Gael TD to the next Dail” said Pat.

Deering outlined his 5 point plan for Carlow which directly links into Fine Gaels National plan to get Ireland Working

No 1’ said Pat ‘is Jobs – getting Carlow back to work and unleashing Carlow’s native entrepreneurs to do the work that they do best will be the cornerstone of my plan for Carlow. Our future prosperity rests on the revitalised success of all our businesses, factories, shops, Hotels and farms. I will work ceaselessly to ensure Carlow gets its fair share of any national funding, projects and initiatives.”

No 2’ said Pat ‘is Political reform – reform of our local government is vital to the future success of our county – it needs to be made more efficient, deliver better value for money and its funding needs to be rebalanced to bring down commercial and business rates which will enable our business and stores to compete successfully and thrive.”

Moving on to No 3, Deering commented that making the healthcare system work must be a priority – FG will cut long waiting lists, end the 2 tier health mess and replace it with a universal health care system which offers equal access for all. I will fight to ensure that Carlow’s healthcare facilities and systems are maintained and improved for all.

Next up is Education – I strongly support the proposed link- up between Carlow and Limerick IT to create a Technological University – Carlow IT is a vital part of the infrastructure and well being of County Carlow – I will fight to ensure that it receives improved funding and status and that it can become a centre of excellence in technology and business and a hub for Carlow’s business community.”

Last but by no means least’ said Pat ‘is Agriculture and its continued success is vital for Carlow – it is a massive employer in all areas of the county both directly and indirectly and it is agricultural sales that bring much needed money into our communities, keeping both Carlow town and all the towns and villages alive. I will ensure that Carlow’s voice is heard in the crucial CAP negotiations starting next year and will fight to protect Carlow’s interests and to restore Ireland’s sugar beet quota which was sold out in 2004.”


Cllr Pat Deering is a Fine Gael Councillor for the Tullow area on Carlow County Council. He is the Fine Gael party’s chosen election candidate for the 2011 general election for County Carlow. For further comment please contact Pat Deering on 087 947 0736 or at his office at 059 9173446.