Deering urges Minister to use Dept Vets for restesting of herds

24th November, 2011


Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, is today (Thursday) urging the Minister for Agriculture to use the existing resources in his department of 138 vetinarians, who are located throughout the regional office network, to retest herds that have failed the TB test.

“I believe that significant savings can be made if the Department of Agriculture uses its existing staff of 138 vetinarians to carry out retests on herds. As it currently stands, when a farmer fails a herd test he has to have it tested again within two months. The Department then pays an external vetinarian to do that test.

“I am urging the Minister for Agriculture to see if it is possible to engage his existing staff of vetinarians to increase the amount of field work they do and conduct these retests themselves, saving the department from paying external fees to do conduct these retests. The annual salary for 2010 for veterinary staff and Whole Time Veterinary Inspectors (WTVIs) amounted to €16,815,460 – surely there are savings to be made in this budget which can be passed on to farmers instead.”