Household Charge key to local Government reform – Deering

20th April, 2012

Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, this week thanked the people of Carlow who have paid their household charge and advised that funds raised from this charge will be key to reforming local Government.

“I would like to thank everyone in Carlow who paid the household charge on time. While it is always difficult to introduce a new tax, the revenue raised from this charge will go towards funding crucial services in our local community, such as maintenance of local parks, swimming pools, libraries and even our new Carlow Museum.

Not only will the household charge fund local services, but it will allow local authorities to reform the way they have been doing things to ensure that they are getting the best value out of the funds that are available to them, while at the same time improving the services available to local communities.”



“The cost of running local authorities is too high. Currently, the salaries for the top ten executives on Carlow County Council earn more than €1.1 million between them. This has to change. Not so long ago we only had three senior managers, a county manager, a county secretary and a county engineer. Surely savings can be made if a number of local authorities in the region were to share some services, services that don’t necessarily need to be on the ground in each county such as payroll or IT.



“This year, we were bound by the EU/IMF agreement to generate revenue to fund our local authorities, which is why the €100 household charge was introduced. A Commission has been set up to review how we can introduce a progressive property tax next year that will take into account income and people’s ability to pay.