Vote YES to a Working Ireland – Deering.

27th April, 2012


Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, has urged the people of Carlow to vote Yes to a Working Ireland in the upcoming referendum on the Stability Treaty. Deputy Deering added that a Yes vote is a key step in our recovery and will be crucial if we want to continue attracting inward investment.

“I am urging everyone across Carlow to come out and vote Yes on May 31st. This Treaty is in the best interest of the country as we continue along the path to recovery. The Treaty is about Ireland; it is about what position we want to put ourselves in as we get back on our feet as a country.

“The Treaty doesn’t have all the answers but it is an essential part of the picture as we move forward on our journey to economic recovery. It will help to restore stability, not just in Ireland but across the Eurozone. And a small country that relies heavily on exports, it’s vital that Ireland remains a central part of that marketplace.

“Inward investment is a very important part of Ireland’s economy. Job creating investors have made a number of significant announcements in the last few months, bringing thousands of jobs to this country. PayPal, Apple, Mastercard, Sky, HP and Mylan are just some of the international firms that have chosen to make huge investments here so far this year, bringing with them thousands of jobs.

“Ireland’s international reputation has been rebuilt since this Government came to office. This was made abundantly clear in the Taoiseach’s recent visits to the United States and China. Ireland is seen as a country that is likely to succeed, and worth investing in. We don’t want to put this reputation in jeopardy.

“Voting Yes will also provide Ireland with an important insurance policy. By signing up to the Treaty, we will be able to access the ESM, Europe’s new bailout fund, should we ever need it. Having this backstop in place will also help to further build confidence – investors want to know we are fully funded into the future. A No vote would mean we are cutting ourselves off from this funding.

“The Stability Treaty is about good housekeeping; it requires countries across Europe to sign up to sensible budget rules to make sure governments can’t make irresponsible decisions. We want to make sure that the mistakes of the past, that nearly pushed this country over the edge, cannot be allowed to happen again.

“This is the most important question to be put the Irish people in recent years. The Government is launching the most comprehensive campaign ever held for a European treaty in this country. A 40 page booklet is being delivered to every home in the country because we want people to fully understand the Treaty and its implications for Ireland.”