Ganley joins SF in misleading the public on the Stability Treaty – Hayes

16th May, 2012


Minister of State at the Department of Finance, Brian Hayes TD, has today (Wednesday) accused Declan Ganley of joining Sinn Féin in trying to mislead the public on the contents of the Stability Treaty.

“Those opposing the Treaty are continuing to resort to misinformation. Declan Ganley is making entirely false comments regarding corporation tax and the Treaty.

“Let me be absolutely clear; the Stability Treaty will have no impact whatsoever on our corporation tax rate. In fact, the word ‘tax’ doesn’t even appear in the Treaty document.

“A Yes vote to the Stability Treaty will have a significant positive impact on our ability to attract Foreign Direct Investment in the future. A Yes vote will help bring about certainty, giving job creating investors the confidence they need.

“Sinn Féin’s credibility on the Treaty has already been undermined, as they continue to misrepresent its contents and its implications for Ireland. Now, we see Declan Ganley is resorting to the same tactics.”