Where will the ‘No’s’ get the money.

24th May, 2012

These are difficult times we live in, difficult for families and businesses right across the Country and unfortunately Carlow is no different to anywhere else.

Thursday 31st May is referendum day, it is us the citizens of Ireland that will democratically decide whether we accept or reject the proposals put forward in the Fiscal Stability Treaty.

I’m encouraging the people of Carlow to support the Treaty by voting ‘Yes’ on Thursday. I’m not suggesting for a minute that a ‘Yes’ vote
will end all our woes, but it will help.

The Stability Treaty is about :

–         The stability of the Euro, our currency, the currency we get paid in and spend.

–         Ensuring investor confidence in Ireland, especially by job creators.

–         An insurance policy in terms of access to the ESM assistance fund if needed.

–         Good housekeeping in terms of budgetary decisions for Ireland and all EU Countries.

Since this Government came to office fourteen months ago some progress has been made, not nearly enough I will accept but these are serious times and it’s not going to be fixed overnight. Our economy has returned to growth for the first time since 2007. Our budget deficit (the difference between the tax collected and what we spend) is reducing in terms of GDP and was at 9.4% – significantly ahead of the 10.6% target – at the end of 2011 and we are well on track to meet our target of 8.6% by the end of this year.

We are meeting the targets as set by the Troika. Some choose to laugh at this with comments like “good little boys” etc., but the reality is that if we want to continue drawing their money we have to comply with their terms. Others like Sinn Fein think it’s realistic to reject EU budgetary rules
and at the same time ask them to lend us more money.

This treaty is not about austerity, it is not about household taxes or water charges – these charges will be there whether we vote ‘Yes’ or’ No’ and I honestly believe will be more severe if we vote’ No’. Deputies Boyd Barrett, Mick Wallace, Joe Higgins, Clare Daly and many others as well as Sinn Fein are advocating a No vote. Do they really believe that we can reject this Treaty and continue to go with the hand out for EU money. They need to tell people (and they haven’t) how they will fund our public services, how will we pay our teachers, nurses and Gardai. How will we fund our schools and hospitals, how will we fund our €22 million social welfare budget. It’s time these people got real.

Again I’m asking the people of Carlow to vote Yes on Thursday 31st. Let us build on the progress made to date, protect our currency,  ensure investor confidence, make this Government and all future Governments accountable and bound by internationally agreed rules and make sure we have access to ESM funds if needed and ask yourself the question “where will the No’s get the money”