Jobseekers Benefit.

17th July, 2012

Message from Minister Joan Burton                                                                                                               

You will be aware that a number of changes to the Jobseeker’s Benefit scheme were announced in Budget 2012.  I now wish to let you know that the first of these changes, whereby payment amounts will be based on a 5 day week rather than a 6 day week, is being implemented and to inform you regarding the communication that will be issuing.

The changes will take effect from 26 July, 2012 with the first payments affected being in respect of the week ending 01 August, 2012. Over the next few days, a letter will be sent to casual and part-time Jobseeker’s Benefit customers outlining the Budget changes.  A copy of the letter which will be issued is enclosed for your information.

Further information on changes to the Jobseeker’s Benefit scheme are available on the Departmental website (  Customers may also wish to contact the Local Citizens Information Phone Service 1890 777 121 (9am to 9pm), call in to their Social Welfare Local Office or Citizens Information Centre or email


Yours sincerely,

Joan Burton T.D.

Minister for Social Protection



Dear Customer,


Important Notice on changes that will affect Jobseeker Benefit payments

As announced in Budget 2012, Jobseeker’s Benefit will, from 26th July, be paid for a maximum of five days in any week, rather than six days as happens at present.  

The weekly rates of Jobseekers Benefit are not being changed and the maximum personal rate remains at €188 per week.  As a result, this measure will not affect you in any payment week in which you are unable to get work.

 In weeks that you do work, one of the days you are unemployed will not be counted in calculating your payment.  For example, if you are unemployed on three days you will in future be paid for two days and not three as at present.

Some examples of the changes if you work for one, two or three days are shown below:

No. of days worked  

Personal Rate


Qualified Adult Rate


Qualified Child Rate






























(The above rates are subject to rounding)


 The length of time you receive Jobseeker’s Benefit will not change under this measure.  All days of unemployment, including those for which you are not paid, will continue to be counted for the purposes of calculating the duration of your claim.

There are no changes to your weekly signing procedures. You should continue to mark all the days you worked (o) and all the days you did not work (x) on your docket each week.  As stated one of your unemployment days will be disregarded for payment purposes.

You will see the above changes in your Jobseeker’s Benefit payment which issues from the beginning of August, 2012. 

Please note that you may opt for the means-tested Jobseeker’s Allowance payment if it is more beneficial for you to do so.

If you have any enquiries on these changes please log on to for further information or contact your social welfare local office.