Deering encourages Carlow septic tank owners to register for €5 before Friday 28th

21st September, 2012


Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, has urged septic tank owners in Carlow to register their system for the reduced fee of €5 before this Friday, September 28th. After this Friday, the registration fee will increase to €50. All systems must be registered before February 1st 2013.

“The Government is implementing a registration and inspection regime for septic tanks for two simple reasons; to protect our water supplies and to comply with our European obligations. Enhancing and protecting public health and the environment by ensuring we have excellent water quality will be of benefit to people living right across Carlow.

“By having a proper inspection regime in place, we are not just improving water standards and security for householders, we are also sending an important message to local businesses and investors. The tourism, recreation, agricultural and food-producing sectors all rely on a clean water supply. Furthermore, a reliable and high quality supply is very important when trying to attract high growth sectors such as pharmaceuticals and ICT.

“A European Court of Justice ruling has been hanging over our heads since 2009, bringing with it the threat of considerable fines. Despite promising to introduce an inspection regime, the last Fianna Fáil-led Government did nothing about it. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury. We need make sure we are properly treating our waste water for our own economic benefits, and to avoid large fines from Europe.

“Anecdotal evidence has shown that the introduction of the registration has already improved our environment with people locating their tanks for the first time in years and getting them de-sludged. So my advice to septic tanks owners in Carlow is to register in the coming days for the reduced fee of €5.

“It’s important that all septic tanks are registered before a risk-based system of inspections begins in 2013. Inspections will be evidence based, in other words, unless so there is evidence of endangerment of human health or the environment, the system in place should pass inspection. Imposing any kind of extra fee upon homeowners is regrettable during such tough economic times; but this new approach to waste water is to everyone’s benefit, so now is the time to register your septic tank for just €5.”