Deering welcomes extension of fuel rebate for private coach operators

13th February, 2013


Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, has welcomed the extension of the fuel rebate to include private coach operators. Deputy Deering added that the measure, which is included in the Finance Bill, will provide an additional boost to the tourism industry. From July 1st 2013, coach operators will be able to recoup 7.5 cent on each litre of diesel purchased.

 “I have been working on this issue for the last two months. Ever since the fuel rebate was announced for hauliers in the Budget, I have been pushing the case for the rebate to be extended to private coach operators also. They are major players in the tourism industry, which has been identified by the Government as a key growth sector.

 “I am very pleased that Minister Noonan has responded so positively, by including the rebate in the Finance Bill. This move is all about supporting the tourism sector and boosting job retention and creation. Since March 2011, the number of people employed in tourism-related activities has increased by 7,300. Job numbers have been boosted by the lower VAT rate introduced by the Government for tourism services, and I have no doubt that this latest measure will also encourage expansion and job creation within the sector.

 “In the year of The Gathering, this is another welcome move by the Government to stimulate and support the tourism sector.”