Anti-property tax TDs leave vulnerable homeowners picking up €6.75 million penalty bill – Deering

31st May, 2013

Carlow Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering, has today (Thursday) said that the true implications of the irresponsible policies pursued by Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett and other independent TDs and some local protesters, have been exposed with the revelation that those who didn’t pay the €100 household charge have now incurred €6.75 million in penalties. The details were revealed in a Parliamentary Question submitted by Deputy Deering to the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan TD.

“These politicians and a handful of local protesters in every county have been hugely irresponsible in encouraging vulnerable householders not to pay the €100 household charge. As a result, these householders have had to pay a staggering €6.75 million in penalties. Carlow householders have already paid €100k in penalties.

“I find it outrageous that Deputy Boyd Barrett and his colleagues, who are elected legislators, have been encouraging people to break the law and not pay the household charge. Those that have subsequently paid the charge have since incurred €6.75 million in penalties. Not only will this figure continue to rise, as 20% of the population have yet to pay, but the fines will continue to increase and people will end up having to pay €200 in addition to the local property tax which will be collected by Revenue from July 1st of this year.

“I am encouraging all those who believed the hype pumped out by the anti-household charge campaigners to pay the amount that is currently owed, which amounts to €145 including penalties, before it rises any further.

“I’m fully aware that people are under considerable financial pressure at the moment, but Deputy Boyd Barret and his comrades are doing these people a great disservice by encouraging them to dodge what is a tax. It is the law of the land and it is not going away. Protestors such as Deputy Boyd Barrett and a few locals as well are in the habit of spouting populist rhetoric without considering the very real impact not paying such a charge will have on the hard working people of this country.