DEERING Welcomes Grid Link Announcement.

28th June, 2014


Carlow Fine Gael TD., Pat Deering, has welcomed Eirgrid’s commitment that they will fully explore an underground option when planning to upgrade the electricity transmission network linking Munster and Leinster.

“Following last weeks announcement that an underground route is been proposed for the Grid West Project which links Mayo and Roscommon I am delighted that Eirgrid are now seriously looking at a similar option for the Grid Link Project which has many of its proposed routes going right through the heart of Carlow.

” Grid Link have confirmed to me that they are working to identify an underground route for the Grid Link Project which they expect to publish later this year. They will also identify their preferred overhead corridor, thus eliminating for many communities the fear of not knowing if they will be affected by the development.

“When both of these options, the underground option and a single overhead corridor, have been decided, the analysis of both will be reviewed by the Independent Expert Panel appointed by the Government, in a fair, objective and comparable way.

“Eirgrid received an unprecedented 35,000 submissions before the public consultation period ended last January, and every person that made a submission will receive an individual response together with a handbook which provides information on many of the key themes and issues that emerged during the public consultation.

“Nothing has been decided yet, but it is a positive step that going underground is now been seriously considered as a viable option. It is also welcome news that Eirgrid will eliminate three of the four possible overhead routes at this stage. The expert panel has a clear decision to make then – one overhead option and one underground option – taking all technical, environmental and economic criteria into consideration.