Live Register down by 21.8% in Carlow – DEERING

9th January, 2015

Latest CSO figures show more people are at work since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs in 2012

“Live Register Figures show that unemployment has been dropping for 30 months in a row and that in Carlow, there has been a fall of 21.8%. This is very much to be welcomed” says Pat Deering, Carlow Fine Gael TD.

“Another drop in the Live Register in December emphasises that the economy is in recovery and that more people are entering the jobs market. I am particularly encouraged that the Live Register here in Carlow has dropped by 21.8%. There is however more work to be done and I expect to see a further drop in these figures in the coming months.

“Unemployment is falling across the country, but very significantly we are now seeing a drop in rural areas as CSO figures show that the live register has dropped in all eight regions of the country over the course of 2014. This year there will be an increased focus on job creation outside of the main urban centres as the Minister for Jobs, Richard Bruton is preparing to launch a pilot programme of the Regional Enterprise Strategy. This strategy will specifically address growing economies in rural areas.

“I want to ensure that we are able to compete with Dublin and Cork in attracting foreign direct investment to Carlow. The IDA has recently announced that 37% of investments in 2014 were made outside the main centres and the Government will work to continue this trend.

“Nationally, the latest CSO Live Register figures show that the unemployment rate has dropped to 10.6% from a high of 15.1% in 2012. More people are at work and they can expect to see a little more money in their bank account from this month onwards thanks to changes made to the tax and USC system in Budget 2015.

“As the economy grows the Government is in a position to give back to the Irish people who have sacrificed so much. All workers will see a small increase in their earnings starting from this month but we know that personal taxation is still too high. We are committed to pursuing policies that make work pay and ensure that people in all parts of the country feel the benefit of the growing economy.

“In Carlow, the number of people on the Live Register has fallen from 6,854 to 5,867 a drop of 987. Things are moving in the right direction and these figures give us confidence that the policies pursued by this Government are working. Through hard work and dedication a strong, sustainable recovery can be delivered right throughout the country and in particular here in Carlow.”