€5m Refurb for Carlow Garda station benefits all of us – DEERING.

21st October, 2015

Carlow Fine Gael TD., Pat Deering, has said that the announcement of the refurbishment of Carlow Garda station is a positive development for the entire community and proof of the Government’s commitment to supporting the Gardaí in their work. This is part of a national €60 million Garda building and refurbishment programme to build new and improving and refurbish existing Garda stations.

“€5m has been sanctioned for the refurbishment of Carlow Garda Station, works will include upgraging of the Custody Management Facility, office accomodation and improved facilities for the general public.

“This work will help ensure that our Garda station will be modern and fit for purpose. We need to support the Gardaí in carrying out their work to protect the community. We also need to provide a suitable facility for the members of the public that visit Garda stations, be it someone getting their passport stamped, a victim of crime who is receiving support or someone who is under investigation. In short, this investment benefits the whole community.

“This follows yesterday’s announcement by the Minister Fitzgerald that €5.3 million is to be spent on 260 new Garda vehicles between now and the end of the year. These vehicles will be used to tackle the scourge of highly-mobile criminal gangs committing crimes in and across the country.

“The Government will now have invested over €34 million in new Garda vehicles since 2012, marking a massive increase on the €4.8 million provided by the previous Government between 2009 and 2011.

“Continued investment in An Garda Síochána is vital to provide a modern, effective and fit-for-purpose Garda force. This investment will continue with the recruitment of an additional 600 Gardaí to add to the 550 who have been recruited since this Government reopened Templemore. Investment will also continue through the Capital Plan 2016-2021 which provides an additional €46 million for new Garda vehicles.

“In July, Minister Fitzgerald published a new Bail bill to strengthening the law to get tougher on serious and repeat offenders out on bail. This new law will see a clamp down on repeat burglars and will support the Gardaí who work extremely hard to catch criminals.

“This Government is committed to ensuring that the Gardaí have all the necessary tools at their disposal to tackle crime. Providing modern, high quality Garda stations will enable the force to do its job in protecting citizens and preventing crime in Carlow and countrywide.”