National unemployment rate at 8.9% and unemployment down 37.5% in Southeast – DEERING.

17th November, 2015

Latest QHNS figures from CSO show 17,100 back to work in Southeast

“The latest QHNS figures, released by the CSO, show that the national unemployment rate has dropped to 8.9% and in the Southeast there has been a 37.5% drop in the number of people who are unemployed”, says Carlow Fine Gael TD., Pat Deering (45,600 – 28,500 since Feb 2012)

“Jobs have grown in all 8 regions since the Action Plan for Jobs was launched by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton in 2012, with the strongest percentage increases not in Dublin or Cork but in regional Ireland. In fact the number of jobs created is highest in proportion to population in the Midlands (13.8%), the South East (14.4%) and Border counties (12%).

“In total 135,800 extra jobs have been added to the economy since 2012 and most encouragingly, growth is strongest in regional areas.

“It is time that opposition parties, intent on running down rural Ireland, accept that the recovery is underway. While more needs to be done to ensure that everyone feels its benefit, there can be no doubt that real progress has been made.

“The number of long-term unemployed nationally has declined from 204,300 when the Acton Plan was launched to 109,800 today, a decrease of 46%. With the number of people emigrating also falling, this is extremely positive.

“Keeping the recovery going is Fine Gael’s top priority and we want to do this by creating jobs and reducing taxes for those who are at work.

“Less tax on work encourages jobs growth, creates more revenue for the exchequer and results in more money to invest in services.

“These figures confirm that the trend of growth is deepening and broadening across the country. The recovery is underway and with specific plans in place to drive job creation in regional areas, I am confident that we will see further sustainable growth in Carlow”