Extra SNAs will benefit children in Carlow Special schools – Deering

22nd June, 2016

Fine Gael TD for Carlow Pat Deering, has welcomed the announcement by Minister for Education, Richard Bruton, of 860 extra Special Needs Assistants by the end 2016, saying this will benefit children in Carlowschools.

“The announcement by Minister for Education, of additional extra Special Needs Assistants, will benefit children across special educational needs schools in Carlow.

“The schools to receive an increased allocation of SNAs are as follows:

St. Laserian’s School, teaching posts 22.00 SNA posts 36.00

Saplings Carlow Special School teaching posts 3.00 SNA posts 13.00

These figures represent an increase in SNA’s from 45 to 49 posts for the coming school year.

“These 4 SNA positions will be available for allocation to the schools over the period September to December 2016. So this is good news for local children.

“The additional 860 SNAs allocated, represent a 7% increase in number of SNAs nationally and this increase is happening in response to the level of need. It will bring the total number of Special Needs Assistants to 12,900, at a total gross annual cost of €425 million.

“I was very pleased to hear also that the Government plans to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the SNA scheme under the National Council for Special Education (NCSE). This will be aimed at providing better outcomes for students with special educational needs and to ensure that we are making the best form of additional investment for children with special needs.

“Fine Gael in Government is determined to ensure our recovering economy will pay dividends for all, particularly the most vulnerable people in society. This is why it is so important we invest wisely in our children’s futures. Today’s announcement underlines the aim of this Government to use our economic success to create a fair and compassionate society. In few areas is this more important than in making sure that children with special educational needs can fully participate in schools and maximise their chances of going on to other opportunities.

“The NCSE will notify Carlow schools of their SNA allocations for the coming 2016/17 school year and will publish details of these allocations on their website www.ncse.ie.”