€19,500 in funding announced for festivals in Carlow

5th May, 2017

€19,500 in funding has been allocated to 4 festivals here in Carlow, as part of its 2017 Regional Festivals & Participative Events Programme.

Fine Gael Deputy for Carlow, Pat Deering said “this will boost tourist numbers and should increase the footfall to our local businesses here in Carlow. 

“This funding will be provided by Fáilte Ireland to local festivals which apply to its Regional Festivals and Participative Events Programme.

“The programme is reviewed every year with a view to generating incremental visitor growth and revenue. The focus for festivals in 2017 is on growing tourism demand outside the peak season and to spread and grow tourism demand more evenly across the country.

“These festivals really add to the character of the area and are great for generating community spirit.

Welcoming the funding announcement Deputy Deering said: “The funding announced will allow Carlow to broaden its appeal to overseas visitors and can provide a boost to tourism activity in the locality which is good news for the local economy and employment.

“These festivals and events provide a great motivation for visitors to travel around Ireland and add another dimension to the tourist experience on the ground. They are the life-blood of tourism and mobilise many visitors to choose to come to Ireland in the first instance.”

This year a total of 218 festivals/participative events are receiving funding totalling over €690k, an increase of 11 on the 2016 figure. There are 60 new festivals receiving funding this year.

Fine Gael is committed to building the tourism and hospitality industry which employs an estimated 220,000 people and generates an estimated €5.7 billion in revenue a year.