Employment spike in Southeast great news for Carlow- DEERING

22nd September, 2017

The latest figures show there are now 33,600 more people employed in the Southeast since 2012, when Fine Gael launched the first Action Plan for Jobs.
Pat Deering TD.said: “I am delighted to announce that the number of people employed in the Southeast has now reached 214.900.
“Some four out of every five jobs created are now outside of Dublin, reinvigorating towns and villages like our own here in Carlow.
“The Action Plan for Rural Development is committed to ensuring that the economic recovery is felt throughout Ireland and the creation of rural jobs is vital in order to achieve this.
“Unemployment is now at the lowest rate since 2008 at 6.1%, with all regions experiencing a boost in the number of people back at work.
“The latest figures show that there are now 2,063,000 people at work in Ireland. Employment continues to increase strongly with 48,000 more people employed in the year to Q2 2017.
“225,000 more people are at work since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs in 2012.
“I will work hard with my Fine Gael colleagues to create a Republic of Opportunity, ensuring Carlow and all parts of Ireland share prosperity and economic growth.”