Borris Railway Viaduct to receive €654k for Rural Regeneration and Development

26th November, 2018

Borris Railway Viaduct is set to receive €654, 820 in funding, a Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering has said.

This project will link the Borris Railway Viaduct to the amenities of Borris town and give a safe circuit for walkways thorough the beautiful vistas the viaduct and local roads provide. The Viaduct is 800 metres in length and over 50 metres above the North Leinster Heritage Drive and the River Mountain.

The unique facility can be used for walking, cycling and other appropriate activities which will be attractive to both locals and visitors. The refurbishment of the Viaduct will be an important addition to the current recreation/amenity offering in Borris and the broader Blackstairs Region.  It will also be a new significant improvement in the visitor experience infrastructure in the county.

Deputy Deering said: “The new Rural Regeneration and Development Fund will invest €1 billion of funding over the next 10 years. The fund provides an unprecedented opportunity for us to make a significant impact which will transform rural Ireland for the better.

“I am extremely pleased to see this Government delivering on its promise to make sure that rural Ireland isn’t left behind. This funding is intended to strengthen and develop our rural communities and develop smaller towns and villages.

“Borris is a beautiful heritage town. This investment will make it even more appealing to visitors.

“This fund is here to transform communities for years to come. ‘Project Ireland 2040 was launched earlier this year and now we can see it being implemented. This is real and tangible. Change is coming to communities who avail of this funding.

“To those hearing or reading about the projects we are announcing and who have a vision for their community that the fund could assist with, I say begin your preparations.

“To those who have applied to the fund and who were not successful, I assure you the process is not complete.

“In general, the fund will provide up to 75% of the total value of a project.  A maximum of 80% of funding will be considered where community contributions form a significant element of the match-funding,” the Fine Gael TD said.

This project is part of 18 nationwide projects to be supported in 2019, totalling €24.4m. A total of €55m has been allocated to the fund for 2019 and further announcements of projects to be funded in 2019 will follow shortly Over the next three years, €315m will be invested in rural communities through the €1bn fund.

An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar said: “In May, I was joined by Ministerial colleagues to launch four game-changing funds under Project Ireland 2040, with a total investment of €4 billion.  Together these funds represent a new and innovative approach to investment and capital spending in Ireland.

These Funds are competitive and open to a wide variety of partners, so if you have an idea to improve your area, develop new technologies, encourage climate action, you have the opportunity to make a real difference.

Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring, said: “The Rural Regeneration and Development Fund will provide the impetus for the transformation of hundreds of rural towns and villages over the next ten years.

“By 2040, our population will have increased by one million. Half of that population growth will take place in rural Ireland. Rural Ireland is integral to the future development of our country and this Fund will facilitate rural growth and prosperity and strengthen rural communities.

“I am delighted that my Department has received 290 submissions from across the country. The funding support announced today for different types of projects will be transformative for the communities concerned.

“I am looking forward to seeing the difference this funding will make on the ground throughout rural Ireland.  I believe that this Fund will continue to achieve even more for rural renewal over its lifetime through a pipeline of ambitious projects. Today’s announcement is just the start and I will make further announcements of successful projects early in 2019.”