Reckless Fianna Fáil showing contempt for voters in Carlow by refusing to explain how €4.35bn spending calls will be funded

17th September, 2019


Fianna Fáil are showing contempt for voters across Carlow by refusing to answer pressing questions about their reckless spending demands, Fine Gael TD, Pat Deering has said.

Deputy Pat Deering said, “More than a week after my colleague Deputy Peter Burke compiled a report into the outlandish spending calls of Fianna Fáil in the first six months of 2019 – which totalled €4.35bn – not a single Fianna Fáil representative has been able to explain how they would cover the cost of their reckless demands.

“Reckless Fianna Fáil are happy to make endless calls for increased investment in various areas but, when they are challenged on just how the public will pay for it or what other areas may have to suffer as a result, there is radio silence or deflection.

“Instead of explaining the rationale behind their escalating demands, we see everyone from Micheál Martin to his party’s spokespeople continue to call for funding or making budget demands, despite their pretence of prudence.

Deering stated “Nothing has changed in Micheál Martin’s party – they are intent on trying to pull the wool over the eyes of voters here in Carlow and nationally when it comes to their spending habits and reckless economic approach.

“Under Fine Gael the country has successfully emerged from the devastation Fianna Fáil brought us to during the financial crisis. More people are working than ever before and public spending is rising sustainably at half the rate it did in the Celtic Tiger period.

“But we cannot take the progress made for granted, especially in the context of Brexit.

“However, despite this uncertain and unprecedented period in our country’s history, Fianna Fáil are doing one of two things: They are either making false promises to everyone from children and parents to public servants or they are making the very real promise to spend this country back into a recession.

“It is time that Fianna Fáil answered which of these it is.

“As a party, Fianna Fáil have no plans, no solutions and no team. Voters will not be fooled again by this recklessness, and their spend-thrift ways. We have lived through the reality of Fianna Fáil at the tiller and it seems Fianna Fáil are the only ones who have learned nothing from the hardship they caused,” Deering concluded.