Proposed environmental levies to encourage more sustainable behaviour

11th November, 2019






A public consultation has been launched regarding a number of proposed environmental levies designed to encourage more sustainable behaviour, Fine Gael, Deputy Pat Deering has said.

The consultation was launched by Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton. 

Submissions may be made by email to: and will remain open until 20th December 2019.

Deputy Deering said: “These proposals are a key action under the Government’s Climate Action Plan, the government’s plan to ensure we meet our 2030 climate commitments, putting us on a trajectory to be net zero by 2050.

“I encourage people in Carlow to have their say on these landmark proposals.

The proposed first phase of levies is as follows:

                  An increase to the existing Plastic Bag Levy from the current rate of 22c to 25c

                  Expanding the Plastic Bag levy to include medium weight plastic bags (True ‘bag for life’ bags will remain exempt)

                  A Waste Recovery Levy at €5 a tonne. This would apply to the three key waste recovery options – landfill, incineration and export

                  An increase to the Landfill Levy by €5 per tonne to €80 per tonne

                  A levy on disposable cups – the rate is to be determined following market research but likely to be 10c, 15c or 25c

Minister Bruton said: “Climate disruption is the biggest challenge facing this generation. A tonne of food wasted, or single use packaging tipped into a landfill, results in the 6 tonnes of carbon which it took to make that food or packaging, completely lost to the world. Even if such waste is not avoided, residual waste could be halved if businesses and homes put things in the right bin.

“These changes, we hope, will make people more conscious of this and will encourage people to make small changes such as bringing their own bags shopping, or their own cup when going for a coffee, that can make a difference.

“All of the funds collected will go back into environmental action. Industry too will be expected to make changes and we will be designing levies on food packaging and takeaway containers.”